PlayStation Controller Stand, Hanging Desk Mount, 3D Printed by VTSTech
This is a custom design I created based on a Creative Commons work by Leapfrog Tech on Thingiverse
Important Notes:

Desk clearance is 25mm. Thinner desk surfaces can be supported by tightening the bolt. Bolt may be very hard to tighten. Vise grips recommended. Comes with a 3D Printed bolt.
Supports PSX/PS2/PS3 Controllers. Analog & Dual Shock versions only.
Does not support PS4. Does not support PSX controllers without Analog sticks
Changes I made:

Extended to hold two controllers.
Print time/Material reducing holes added.
Added M15 threaded socket.
VTSTech branding.
PlayStation Hanging Desk Controller Stand by VTSTech byVeritas0923 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

Items are 3D Printed upon demand. This model is printed at 0.3mm resolution and 8% infill. Print time is about 2 hours.